Monday, December 1, 2008

Spread The Word, Get Involved, Join Today!

Dear Friends,
As we gear up for the 111th Congress, Americans Against Horse Slaughter is seeking constituents from all states to help spread awareness. We have built up a strong grass roots coalition but we must continue to grow.
If you are able to lead your state in this National Grass Roots campaign please contact us. We are setting up AAHS Blogs for each state. If you, are not a member of one of our state groups but are willing to set up a state blog to help us gain more constituents and raise awareness, please contact us. The following states still need a state leader:

North Dakota
Rhode Island
South Dakota

We know you've all been working long and hard to end horse slaughter but we need you again. It seems that 2009 will bring us more friends in Congress and this should be our year. However, we must come out early and come out strong. Together we WILL get this done!!

Spread The Word, Get Involved, Join The Movement Join Today!!


Pat said...

I hope we get a leader for all these states! Everyone who loves horses needs to stand up for them now and fight to end the horrific abuse of horse slaughter. God save the horses.

Tiffanie said...

Me too, Pat! The blogs do not take much time to maintain and it is a fun way to make a difference. Getting information to people, who can help us, get this thing done! We need people for several states and you do not have to be a state leader to manage the blog. I'd like to see all states up and running in the next couple of weeks! Thanks for your comment! Tiffanie :)