Friday, January 16, 2009

Northwest Horse Forum is launched

Northwest Horse Forum
The Seattle Times has launched a free online Northwest Horse Forum for horse enthusiasts everywhere. One of the many discussions is focusing on the national crisis in unwanted-horses. Horse enthusiasts from all over are participating. Join the discussion now!
Take the survey by the Unwanted Horse Coalition so you can weigh in on whether you want the return of slaughterhouses.

Horse enthusiasts are also talking about everything from dealing with grumpy and spooky horses, locating good hay, finding someone to share a trailer ride to creating the best footings for paddocks and arenas. You can make this site anything you want -- but we need your participation.

This site is a great resource for the horse community. Please consider passing this e-mail below to your horse contacts. Also, if you have a Web site, would you add a link to this forum? I'd be happy to link to your site if you contact me.


Joan Deutsch
To see the forum go to

If this link doesn't work, please copy and paste it into your browser. Or, if your email format isn't set to "html," you can fix this in Outlook. Open the e-mail and follow these steps: Select "Format" from the drop down list in the individual email and click "HTML", This will activate the link!

Directions for registering are at the top of the forum. If you have technical difficulties, please contact

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